It is an initiative of the Secretary of State for Tourism which aims to establish a method to create a tourism product that stands out from others by its location in a selection of territories (the Spanish Biosphere Reserve Network) where it is possible to visit and enjoy the natural heritage developed by human activity and the unique samples of ethnographic heritage.

The method is unique and common to the Spanish Biosphere Reserve Network, and the subsequent tourism product revolves around the diverse heritage of these territories declared by UNESCO and their possible touristic interpretations and enjoyment with the participation of the actors involved in it, fundamental agents of the Biosphere Reserves, tourism companies and sectors of the local population connected to the unique use of their heritage. It is based on a specific and common subject, which articulates and organises the product; in this case, the BRs as places in which to understand the relationship between people and nature.

The Product Club serves to make the concept of what we want to classify by this denomination clear, since, obviously, not every kind of tourism can be carried out in this territories.

The Product Club has been designed from the beginning in a participatory way, granting the agents of the basic resources which differentiates the final product with maximum protagonism. Moreover, the introduction of this method hopes to simultaneously develop practic and personalised training aimed at entrepreneurs who would like to voluntarily join the Club, in order to improve their company’s competitiveness and sustainability, informing their clients of their contribution towards the sustainable development of the BRs themselves.

It is an opportunity to improve the image of the Island of Lanzarote, in order for it to evolve and be regarded as a destination in which several options can be enjoyed and a place to come back to due to the force of its own arguments:

To offer the satisfaction of experiences and anecdotes beyond conventional touristic services


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 928/810100 ext 2340 y 2342

  Oficina Reserva de la Biosfera
2ª planta
Cabildo de Lanzarote
Avd Fred Olsen s/n
Arrecife, Lanzarote


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